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On April 13, a hotline for canceling flights to Turkey and Tanzania was launched. The decision on restrictions established till Jun 01, 2021. Details on the pages of the airport website and the website of "Rostourism".                               

Animal carriage

Home animals (birds) may be carried in the cabin of the aircraft with the consent of the carrier.

When carrying home animals (birds), the passenger is obliged to provide the necessary documents stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, international treaties and the country legislation, from or through the territory of which transportation is fulfilled.

Home animals (birds) in air transport should be placed in a strong container (cage), providing necessary facilities in transportation, with access of air and reliable lock (lock). Bottom of the container (cage) shall be leak-free, waterproof and covered with absorbing material. Container (cage) shall exclude spillage of absorbing material. Bird cage shall be covered with thick light-tight cloth.

Weight of the home animal (bird), the weight of the container (cage) and food intended for animal (bird) food are not included in the free baggage allowance and are paid by the passenger in accordance with the tariff set by the carrier.

Blind passenger, on agreement with the carrier may be transported accompanied by a guide dog.

The blind passenger transportation, accompanied by a guide dog can be made upon presentation of the document confirming the invalidity of the passenger to the carrier, and a document confirming special training of the guide dog.

Guide dog accompanying a blind passenger is transported free of charge in excess of the baggage allowance. The guide dog must have a collar and a muzzle and be tied to a chair at the feet of the passenger, which it accompanies.