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Baggage regulations

X. Перевозка багажа


Passenger’s baggage is accepted for shipment at its check in procedure in departure airport, in the transfer airport, stop-over airport, or any other registration point.


Aircraft passenger is empowered to carry his luggage without additional charge (further: free baggage allowance) within the stipulated norm.

Free baggage allowance norms, including hand luggage of the passenger, are set by the carrier depending on the type of the aircraft, and cannot be less than ten kilograms per one passenger.


The carrier shall be obliged to accept the baggage for transportation within the free baggage allowance norms.


Excess baggage, oversized baggage and heavy baggage shall be accepted for carriage only if the aircraft has a free carriage capacity and subject to payment by a passenger of transportation fee for such baggage, except in cases when the transportation of such baggage has been agreed with the carrier and paid by the reservation.


If the passenger has produced a baggage of the weight and/or size smaller than he has booked and pre-paid, the difference sum in payment between the reserved transportation and the actual weight and/or size of the luggage shall be returned to the passenger.


The Passenger shall have the right to declare the value of his checked in baggage.

The value of the checked in baggage shall be declared for each piece of luggage separately.

The fee shall be exacted for the baggage with a declared value, the amount of which is set by the carrier.

Payment for the baggage with declared value shall be certified by miscellaneous charges order MCO or the receipt for payment for excess baggage, which specifies the points, between which the passenger has declared the baggage with declared value transportation.

If passengers travel in a group, then upon the request of the passengers the carrier must apply to these passengers the sum of free baggage allowance for each passenger.

The sum applies only to the free baggage allowance. Baggage is tagged for each passenger individually.


Each piece of the checked in baggage must have proper packaging to ensure its safety during shipping and handling and eliminating the possibility of inflicting harm to passengers, the crew members, the third parties, damage to the aircraft, baggage of other passengers or any other property.

Baggage not meeting the requirements of the present paragraph shall not be accepted for transportation.


Baggage having external damage but not affecting its safety during shipping and handling and not causing harm to passengers, the crew members, the third parties, damage to the aircraft, other passengers’ luggage or any other property may be accepted for transportation as the checked in baggage upon the consent of the carrier. The presence and type of damage shall be confirmed by the signature of the passenger.


Passengers are advised not to include in their checked in baggage any fragile or perishable items, money, jewelry, precious metals, securities and other valuables, business documents, keys, and other similar items.


The weight of one piece of checked in baggage must not exceed fifty kilograms.


Checked in baggage of the passenger shall be transported on the same aircraft on which the passenger travels.


The items accepted as a hand luggage shall comply with the weight and dimensions allowances established by the carrier and allow to place them safely in the cabin.


Passenger shall be obliged to take care of the hand luggage safety and things carried in the aircraft cabin and referred to in the paragraph 135 of the present Rules. A passenger shall be obliged to take his hand luggage placed on board of an aircraft with him when leaving a cabin, as well as the things referred to in paragraph 135 of the present Rules.


In excess of the free baggage allowance and at no charge the passenger is entitled to carry the following items if they are with the passenger and not enclosed into the baggage:

handbag or briefcase;

folder for documents;



bouquet of flowers;


publications for reading during the flight;

baby food for the child during the flight;

a mobile phone;




suit in the garment bag;

cradle when transporting the child;

crutches, stretcher or wheelchair for passengers with reduced mobility.

Things specified in the present paragraph are not submitted for weighing, not subject to registration and not marked with tags.

Transportation of oversized baggage, heavy baggage, pets and birds, except guide dogs accompanying a visionless passenger, is paid at the rates set by the carrier.

Transportation of the specified baggage is paid basing on its actual weight under the tariffs specified by the carrier, regardless of other things belonging to the passenger carried as his baggage.


In case of involuntary downgrade the passenger still has the right of baggage transportation by the free baggage allowance set for the paid service class.


The baggage, with the weight, number of pieces, size, packaging or the contents shall not be allowed for transportation, if they are not complying with the requirements of international treaties of the Russian Federation, the present Rules and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, the rules of the carrier, or the country's legislation to, from or through the territory of which the baggage is transported.


Since the delivery of checked in baggage for transportation and before the procedure of its delivery, the passenger's access to the checked baggage shall be prohibited, except in cases of its identification or additional inspection by the relevant competent authorities.


The items that can cause harm to an aircraft, to persons or property on board the aircraft, animals and birds (except pet birds), insects, fish seed, reptiles, rodents, test and sick animals, as well as objects and substances prohibited for air transportation as baggage by the legislation of the Russian Federation, international treaties of the Russian Federation, as well as by laws of the country to, from or through the territory of which the transportation is fulfilled, shall not be allowed for air transportation as baggage.

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