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Customs control

For customs control the following will be necessary:

· make declaration of goods ;

· submit documents confirming the authenticity of information in the declaration;

· submit the declared goods upon the request of a customs official;

· pay all customs duties and taxes;

· submit documents confirming the payment of customs duties and taxes;

· provide the necessary documents for customs privileges in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;

· submit documents confirming other types of state control, provided the goods are subject to such control (veterinary, phytosanitary, environmental and other );

· provide assistance to customs authority during the customs clearance of goods .

"Red" channel is for goods subject to declaration in writing, or, at will of the passenger, for goods, which are not subject to declaration in writing.

Declaration in a "red" channel is made by filling the customs passenger declaration and its submission to the customs officer, along with the other documents and information required for customs purposes.

"Green" channel is for individuals having no items subject to customs declaration in their personal baggage, alongside with the absence of the unaccompanied baggage.

Crossing the green (white) line at the entrance into the "Green" channel is considered as a statement that the carried items are not subject to customs declaration, and evidence the facts of legal significance.

When passing the "Green" channel the person is not released from the obligation to comply with the customs legislation of the Customs Union. The customs authorities may fulfill selective customs control.