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UVT Aero opens new flight from Kazan 02.09.2016

UVT Aero opens new flight from Kazan

UVT aero starts selling tickets on the new route Kazan – Gorno-Altaysk and back. The flights will be launched from September 17 and will be operated weekly, on Mondays and Saturdays.

On these days the flight will depart from Kazan at 02:00 with the arrival in Gorno-Altaysk at 10:00. Return flight from Gorno-Altaysk at 11:00 and taking in account time difference, will arrive in Kazan at 11:00. Time is local for each airport.

Time difference between two cities is 4 hours – the same as flight time. Flights will be operated on 50 seated CRJ 200 aircraft, manufactured by Canadian company Bombardier.

The fare for the flights will be 5640 rubles; fuel surcharges on the flight are not included.

With the end of the summer, vacation season for many people just begins. Altay is amazing and very beautiful region. European tourists every year more and more attracted to this region often call Altay "the Siberian Switzerland" because of similarity of the Altay Mountains and the Swiss Alps. Many residents of the neighboring regions and Tatarstan have always been interested in this resort. However, in order to make the flight they had first get to Moscow, which took a lot of time. With this flight, the situation is simpler. In addition, "UVT aero" offers transfer flights through Kazan to residents of St. Petersburg, N. Novgorod, Perm and Voronezh.

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