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Kazan international airport introduced journalists with peculiarities of aviation operations

Kazan international airport continues the practice of promotion of the most fascinating world of aviation: a press-tour was conducted at the airport on November 1st. KFU Journalism and Mass Communications High School students became participants of the tour. The event was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the first regular international flight from Kazan airport.

Young journalists were told about the development of civil aviation in the Republic of Tatarstan and the great history of Kazan air gateway.

The theme tour began with terminals visit and passengers services peculiarities familiarization: passengers check-in and pre-flight inspection. Aviation Security Service representative, Viktor Gafarov, demonstrated various explosives, weapons and ammunition detection equipment in operation.

"The airport is continuously working on the development of security systems. For instance, we have created a rapid response team – RRT. These are our employees who are subordinate to the airport management. The task of RRT is to immediately prevent escalation of the contingencies before the arrival of the police, it may be an attempt to penetrate the protected area, the detection of suspicious objects and so on," explained Gafarov.

Media representatives were taken to apron, where the pre-flight the aircraft handling was carried out at that time. Head of Airport Operation and Control Department, Alexander Agafonov, told about the passenger aircrafts handling technology, and then the group was offered to visit the control center of the Operation and Control department.

"We are in Operation and Control Department. It is the heart and the head of our airport. Hundreds of processes are coordinated here, which ensure flight safety, regularity and high quality of aircraft handling and passengers service, as well as the process of information service, " said Agafonov.

Further along the route, the journalists were taken to the runway, so that they could see how the multi-ton "iron birds" raced along the runway during landing and takeoff.

Background information:
Kazan international airport is one of the largest airports in Russia. Having the great history, the airport continues to develop dynamically, continuously expanding the route network, which includes more than 60 Russian and international destinations.

25 years ago on October 26, 1992 the first regular international flight was operated from Kazan international airport. It was a flight Kazan–Istanbul–Kazan, carried out on Tatarstan Airlines airplane.

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