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AirBaltic to continue flights Riga-Kazan 07.11.2017

AirBaltic to continue flights Riga-Kazan

The flights in winter season will be operated from December 14, 2017 to January 25, 2018 with 2 departures per week frequency. AirBaltic also announces two weekly flights in 2018 summer season, starting on April 23rd, 2018, according to the following schedule:

Route                    Flight beginning date             Days of the week         Departure time       Arrival time
Riga - Kazan         23rd of April, 2018                 Monday, Thursday          23:35                   02:00+1
Kazan-Riga           24th of April, 2018                 Tuesday, Friday               03:20                   06:20

The flight Riga – Kazan – Riga was opened on April 26, 2017. Over the past period, more than 8 200 passengers were transported on this route. According to the airline, due to the high demand flights will also be carried out in winter season.

"When a new flight is launched, AirBaltic assesses the route effectiveness during the first months, and then the company makes a decision to perform the flights in the future. Riga-Kazan flight operations were planned only in summer season, because of the high demand, flights will be carried out in winter during the New Year holidays ", AirBaltic explained.

More than half of the passengers from Kazan chose Riga as a convenient transit point of the AirBaltic route network, consisting of more than 60 destinations covering Europe, Scandinavia, the CIS and the Middle East. The most popular destinations among travelers from Kazan are Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Prague and Amsterdam.

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