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Kindness movement "let's build a hospice together!" 08.11.2017

Kindness movement "let's build a hospice together!"

Kazan international airport team has accomplished fund raising for construction of an Adult Hospice Unit: employees of the airport have transferred their one-day earnings to Angela Vavilova fund.

"I would like to express my deep gratitude to our team for being responsive and sympathetic towards other persons’ tragedies.

An Adult Palliative Care unit with capacity of 100 beds for cancer-stricken patients, patients with other serious diseases as well as so-called Critical Care Unit for patients in need of social medical care will be constructed in Kazan. The expansion of paediatric care unit to 40 beds is planned.

The total cost of construction is 250 million rubles.

We have been supporting Kazan Hospice named after Angela Vavilova for several years, trying to brighten up the hospital weekdays of little patients. At the same time, we strive to pay attention of large enterprises of the Republic to the issues of providing an assistance to medical institutions," said Dinara Valeeva, Director, Human Resources and Organization Development of Kazan international airport, JSC.

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