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To the Alps from Kazan by direct flight – a new flight of Ural Airlines 27.11.2017

To the Alps from Kazan by direct flight – a new flight of Ural Airlines

During New Year holidays direct charter flights will be carried out from the Kazan international airport to French Grenoble - the oldest city, located by the side of the Isère river at the cross of three valleys surrounded by mountain massifs of the Alps: Chartreuse, Beldonne and Vercors.

The elevation above the sea level here is 214 meters. The city's landmark is the famous la Forteresse De la Bastille (Bastille), located on a mountain plateau in the center of the city.
Departures will be carried out by Ural Airlines on a comfortable Airbus A320 airliner with passenger capacity of 160 seats.

• departures from Kazan will be operated on December 30 and January 6 at 04:30 a.m., landing in Grenoble at 07:25 a.m.;
• from Grenoble, the plane departs on January 6 at 08:15 a.m. and January 15 at 19:40 p.m., arrives in Kazan at 14:45 p.m. and 02:10 a.m. respectively.

The local time is indicated for each airport. The time in Grenoble is 2 hours behind Moscow time. The duration of the flight is 5 hours.
There may be changes in the traffic schedule!
Taking into account the sustainable demand of the Alps destinations among travelers from Tatarstan, especially, during winter holidays, the launch of the direct flight will allow tourists to get to the favorite places of rest quickly and comfortably.
Photo by: Radik Gabdrakhmanov

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