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New regular flight Kazan–Helsinki was presented today

One of the most important events for the Kazan international airport was held today. Embraer 190 of Finnair air company, which starts regular flights on the route Kazan – Helsinki arrived today at 3:25. Allister Paterson, Finnair’s Chief Commercial Officer also arrived with the passengers of the first flight from Helsinki. The passengers received ceremonial welcome from Minister of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Tatarstan Lenar Safin, Director General of Kazan airport Alexey Starostin, Chairman of Tatarstan State Committee on Tourism Sergey Ivanov, Ambassador of Finland to Russia Hannu Himanen and mass media.

Passengers of the first flight were welcomed at decorated business hall of Terminal 1A. Guests, meeting the aircraft had a chance to see an entertaining moment when airport made an arch of water above the aircraft. That was a traditional welcome wishing successful flights. Official flight-opening ceremony and press conference were held after landing.

Presentation was opened by Minister of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Tatarstan Lenar Safin: We have very long and close relationships with Finland, friendly and economic. We have planned to start this route for a long time. We managed to make a flight on a regular basis that will connect our nations. Moreover, there is a diaspora of tatar in Finland, which makes the event even more pleasant. We have opened this flight destination, and I hope it will be comfortable for our passengers and will prompt further development of economic and sociocultural relationships. Welcome, Tervetuloa!

General director of Kazan airport has pointed out in his welcome speech: Thanks to the President, government of the Republic of Tatarstan and due to participation of Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Tatarstan we have a multifunctional airport complex with a huge potential. At the same time the passengers of our republic received more possibilities to use straight and transit flights. An early morning arrival time was chosen to make the flight convenient for both types of passengers, as ones going on a business trip, so the others who has a connection in the Helsinki airport.

Regular flights from Kazan international airport to the capital of Finland will be performed three times a week: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Flight time is 2 hours and 40 minutes. Helsinki airport is a big and convenient hub for transferring to Europe, regions of America and South-East Asia. What is also convenient is that all the terminals are in one complex and the minimum connection time for transferring to Europe is only 35 minutes.

Allister Paterson, Finnair’s Chief Commercial Officer: We are very glad that now Russia has the biggest number of destinations where we fly comparing to the other countries – this destination is the sixth. Our morning flight gives Kazan citizens an opportunity to arrive to Helsinki very early and we have an ability to deliver passengers to such big European cities as Paris or London even before 9 o’clock in the morning. I had a luck to visit Kazan last year as a tourist whilst Universiade and I hope for a big flow of tourists from Finland and Europe to Kazan. Opening of the flight required a continuous work of many people from the airline, thus this is a very important and valuable day for us. I’d like to thank all representatives of authorities and airport for the help and support given whilst preparing of this flight.






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