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To Yerevan with UVT Aero on New Year holidays! 09.11.2018

To Yerevan with UVT Aero on New Year holidays!


ould you like to celebrate New Year 2019 in Armenia or maybe go there for winter holidays? Would you like to learn traditions and customs of celebrating the main holiday of a year of a so-called «country of stones»? Do you want to admire vivid Yerevan or participate in the parties of Armenian population? Would you enjoy festive cuisine and popular sorts of wine and cognac? UVT Aero gives such an opportunity for people from Tatarstan and opens three direct flights to Yerevan from Kazan on New Year holidays.

Direct flights from the capital of Tatarstan are planned on December 30, 2018, on January 4 and January 8, 2019 according to the following schedule:

On December 30:
Departure from Kazan at 16:30, arrival at Zvartnots airport at 20:20, return departure from Yerevan at 21:30, arrival at Kazan airport at 23:25.

On January 4:
Departure from Kazan at 13:25, arrival at Zvartnots airport at 17:15, return departure from Yerevan at 18:15, arrival at Kazan airport at 20:05.

On January 8:
Departure from Kazan at 08:00, arrival at Zvartnots airport at 11:50, return departure from Yerevan at 12:50, arrival at Kazan airport at 14:40.
*Local time is indicated for each airport.

The flights will be performed on CRJ-200 of UVT Aero, which has proved itself as an economy passenger jet aircraft. Flight time is 2 hours 50 minutes. Aircraft seating arrangement accounts for 50 seats. One way air price ticket Kazan – Yerevan for an adult is 140 euro on condition of buying on airline website Air tickets sales to these destinations is already open.

— Unusual nature of Armenia, thousands years of history, vivid national traditions, diverse culture of the past and the present – it all attracts travellers’ and tourists’ interest to this country. I am sure that this destination will be in demand and attractive price and the opportunity to arrive at the point of destination without transfers will make the flight more available and comfortable, — mentioned the Deputy Director General for commercial issues of UVT Aero Stanislav Kozlenko.

Tatarstan airline UVT Aero continues dynamically developing its activity, opening new destinations and improving the quality of service provided to the passengers. Reference and additional information about the flights are available on airline website

The information is given by UVT Aero
Photo by Diana Trofimova

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