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UVT Aero will connect Kazan with Yekaterinburg and Novokuznetsk  05.12.2019

UVT Aero will connect Kazan with Yekaterinburg and Novokuznetsk

Tatarstan’s airline UVT Aero will launch the new destination Kazan- Yekaterinburg – Novokuznetsk. The aircraft will operate twice per week – on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The departure time from Kazan at 10:30 – landing at the Yekaterinburg airport at 15:00 – landing in Novokuznetsk at 19:30.

Return flight from Novokuznetsk at 20:30 – landing at the Yekaterinburg airport at 21:00, departure from Yekaterinburg at 22:00 – landing in Kazan at 21:40. The local time specified for each airport.

Bombardiers CRJ-200 aircrafts of Canadian production will be used on the route, the maximum passenger capacity - 50 people.

The minimum cost of flight in one way will start from 2 590 rubles from Kazan to Yekaterinburg, from Yekaterinburg to Novokuznetsk – from 5 730 rubles subject to take the air tickets on the airline website.

UVT Aero is dynamically developing its operation, opening new destinations and increasing the quality of services.

JSC UVT Aero’s Petr Trubaev, Director General is sure that this route will be popular among citizens. Yekaterinburg – one of the largest economic center in the World, Novokuznetsk – a modern industrial city. Certainly, the opening this flight will permit to increase economic, industrial, cultural, and touristic ties between the Republic of Tatarstan, the Sverdlovsk region and Kemerovo region.

Citizens of Tatarstan and citizens of Sverdlovsk will get the possibilities to relax in Sheregesh mountain ski resort with opening the flight, located in 5 km from corresponding village in Kemerovo region. Sheregesh occupies the fourth place between popular Russians mountain ski resorts.
You can get the references and additional information about flights via the website.

Air ticket sales are already open. We wish you a good flight!

UVT Aero is presented this information
Photo by: Diana Trofimova

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