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Kazan International Airport won the Russian Air Gateway National Award 09.02.2021

Kazan International Airport won the Russian Air Gateway National Award

Based on the results of work in 2020, the Gabdulla Tukay Kazan International Airport won the VII National Air Gates of Russia award in the special nomination “Best Infrastructure Project for Air Cargo Transportation”.
The award ceremony took place on February, 9 in Moscow as part of the NAIS-2021 National Civil Aviation Exhibition and Forum.

Minister of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Tatarstan Farit Khanifov noted:

"Kazan International Airport is a multifunctional airport complex with great potential. The company does a lot of work with industry experts, applies innovative solutions to increase labor productivity and has experienced and qualified personnel.
At the same time, the Republic of Tatarstan has a well-developed infrastructure, broad logistics capabilities and transport accessibility in general, as well as investment attractiveness.
That is why, even against the background of a general decrease in the volume of air traffic around the world in 2020, we have embarked on a project to create a cargo transport air hub, the implementation of which will serve as an important stage in the global modernization of the logistics infrastructure of both Tatarstan and Russia as a whole. "

Director General of JSC Kazan International Airport Sergey Romantsov commented:

“First of all, I would like to thank the experts for the assessment of our work. The Russian Air Gateway award is the highest award and a serious incentive for further development. We thank our colleagues for the honor they have given us.
As you know, the modern economy, including in difficult epidemiological conditions, continues to increase the requirements for the speed of work, and the presence of a freight transport hub allows meeting this requirement. Moreover, all over the world there is a need to contain the spread of the covid-19 virus and provide the medical industry with everything it needs. Thus, at present we see great potential in the implementation of our project and its success in terms of building a client base."

The national award "Air Gates of Russia" is intended to determine the most efficiently and steadily developing airports in the country and to form their positive image and reputation in society.
The Expert Council of the Prize includes representatives of leading Russian airlines, heads of industry associations, leading industry journalists and other experts.

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