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Baggage handling system was introduced in Kazan airport 17.02.2014

Baggage handling system was introduced in Kazan airport

The Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) has been successfully implemented at the airport of Kazan within the program of information technology development; it allows controlling all baggage while it is in the airport - from check-in and to the loading on board.

The new solution will simplify the procedures of handling and baggage claim. Data of the baggage is recorded in the baggage system at the stage of the passenger registration. All bags following the baggage belt pass through the scanners installed thereon, which read the barcode on the label (the owner's name, flight number, weight, etc.). Using wireless scanners baggage sorters read the barcode from baggage tags. Thus, the system will eliminate the error of random luggage loading on the wrong flight. At the end of the loading the system gives out information about the number of luggage registered and loaded on flight. BRS system also allows in case of urgent removal of the luggage from the flight, to determine immediately its exact location on the aircraft, which will expedite the process of unloading. Moreover, in case of the luggage items failure to arrive from the flight reception area to the flight loading area, the sorters will receive warning messages, which ensure the loading of all the checked-in baggage on the flight.

"Baggage Reconciliation System will improve the accuracy and fluency of baggage handling. All interested parties: airlines and passengers will quickly feel the results. Airlines will receive expeditious handling of aircraft and flights’ departure, costs reduction associated with the baggage lost, as well as obtain information about flight uplift in real time. For passengers, this will mean expediting of procedures at the airport baggage claim area, more operational overload of luggage from one plane to another by transit flights", - noted Anastasia Vasina, the Head of the Transport management service.

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