All airport visitors pass the security control exercised with technical and special means at the entrance to the air terminal. Items in the possession of visitors are also subject to search.

Security check process:

1. Put your baggage and carry –on bags into the introscope belt. Be ready to turn on all your electronic things and to show to the screening officer. In some cases you will need to show some things by contact method.
2. Put all metallic items, keys, cigarette packs, mobile, small handbags, liquids into a plastic container.
3. If you have a baby pram, take the baby in your arms and fold the pram and place it on the introscope belt.
4. Undo your clothes and take off hat.
5. Pass through the stationary metal detector frame and comply with all requirements of the screening officer.

It should be told about Say it in advance

1. If you have a cardiac pacemaker or metallic implants or another special features.
2. If you have weapons, ammunition, electric shock devices, pyrotechnic products or other dangerous items on your baggage, carry on baggage or in your clothes.

Disabled passengers in wheelchair are screened with the help of hand – held metal detector, explosive vapor detector and inspected by a manual (contact) method.

Regulatory and legal framework