All passengers are required to undergo a pre-flight security check before the flight. The inspection of hand luggage is carried out to prevent items and substances prohibited on board the aircraft from being carried by air transport.
The inspection is carried out both manually and by technical means.

Prohibited items on a board

1. Prohibited articles and substances
2. liquids in containers larger than 100 ml, even if not fully filled (total volume of liquids must not exceed 1 litre per person).
3. alcoholic beverages over 24% alcoholic beverages except those purchased at Duty Free shops.
4. Mercury thermometer
5. Stabbing, cutting or other dangerous objects that could damage or frighten (imitation weapons)
6. Any non-disposable lighter

Exception: medicines required during the flight (if the documents confirming the prescription of such medicines by the passenger with indication of name and quantity) in the quantity needed during the flight, baby food and special diet food.

Dangerous substances and items found in passenger hand luggage and baggage during inspection may be handed over to escorting persons or taken for temporary storage for a period up to 1 month with the drawing up of a statement.