Prior to the flight, every passenger must go through a pre-flight security check. The purpose of the pre-flight security check is to prevent items and substances prohibited for carriage by air transport from being brought on board the aircraft.
The security check is carried out both manually and by technical means.

How do I go through the pre-flight security check?

1. When proceeding to passport control you need to show ticket, e/paper boarding pass and ID document.
In order of priority, please, proceed to the pre-flight security check.
2. Take off and put into plastic bins hats, clothes, watch, belts, mobile phones, laptops, cigarettes, coins, keys and other available items
3. You may be asked to take off your shoes except for shoes with a heel less than 2.5 cm high and soles less than 1.0 cm thick, and a belt that is wider than 4.0 cm or thicker than 0.5 cm.
4. Put the plastic baskets with carry on baggage and personal items in the middle of the introductory conveyor belt horizontally, along the direction of the belt one behind the other.
5. Go through the stationary metal detector and comply with the instructions of the staff member. Passengers with pacemakers are screened using the manual (contact) method, without passing through the stationary metal detector.

Identity documents

- Passport of a Russian citizen
- Seaman's passport
- General passport of a Russian citizen
- Passport of a foreign citizen
- Birth certificate
- Military serviceman identity card
- Stateless person ID
- Temporary ID card issued by the bodies of internal affairs
- Military service passport of a conscript
- Residence permit of a foreign citizen or stateless person
- Certificate of release from imprisonment places
- Passport of a USSR citizen
- Diplomatic passport
- Service passport (except seaman's passport and diplomatic passport)
- Certificate of return from CIS countries
- Certificate of passport loss