Baggage Packing point by Pack&Fly


Ground floor, terminal 1A, in front of desks on domestic flights check in;
Ground floor, terminal 1, in front of desks on domestic flights check in.
Packing of baggage : 550 roubles;
Double packing of baggage: 1 050 roubles;
Tariff “Optima”: 750 roubles (incl. protection)
Double packing tariff “Optima”: 1 250 roubles (incl. protection)
Protection against loss and missing of baggage, the client acquires when packing baggage at the tariffs of “Optima”. The amount of compensation of 100 000 roubles in case of loss or missing baggage.
Passengers can easy travel and without worrying about the safety of their baggage, using PACK&FLY services.
Passengers are provided the special conditions for packing baggage:
«GIFT VOUCHER PACK&FLY» Get a 10% discount on accessories when packing baggage.
Contact telephone  +7(965)607-0232;
For detail information on provided services and promotion events, please, visit or call:  8(800)555-5244 (free of charge call within Russia).

A SINGLE LUGGAGE PLACE IS DEFINED AS: One individually defined object (bag, suitcase, package, box and other similar containers, lids, bottom and sides of which fit snugly and have handles for carrying).
AS AN OVERSIZE BAGGAGE IS DEFINED: baggage the size of one piece of which in the sum of three dimensions exceeds 203 cm
THE FOLLOWING LUGGAGE IS COUNTED AS AN OVER SIZED: ski equipment, hockey equipment, bicycles, baby and wheelchairs, fishing equipment, golf equipment, etc.
DOUBLE PACKAGING IS CONSIDERED: packing two pieces of baggage into one, regardless of the size of each piece of baggage, with the exception of bulky and oversized baggage. Baggage over 32 kg is alsow considered double pack

Working hours: All round the clock